Clinical Program Demonstrates Role for Elastin Products in  Skin Repair and Rejuvenation


• Phase 1B & 2 studies demonstrate safety and efficacy in skin rejuvenation

• Products to be pursued in multiple dermatology indications

December 20, 2012, Sydney: Elastagen has completed two further studies on its patented elastin products demonstrating the safety and efficacy of the products in the rejuvenation and repair of aged and damaged skin.

The Phase 1B and 2 clinical studies were designed to evaluate the potential for Elastagen’s novel tropoelastin and hyaluronic acid based biomaterial to improve the physical properties of skin following implantation in the dermis by fine needle injection. The clinical studies demonstrated the smooth integration of Elastagen’s products into the skin tissue, a good safety profile and more natural physical properties for skin rejuvenation purposes when compared to currently marketed hyaluronic acid products.

Elastagen now plans to pursue the application of its novel tropoelastin based biomaterials in the following key areas:
– aesthetics, to treat aged and sun damaged skin to improve the skin’s thickness, elasticity and hydration; and,
– the treatment of atrophic scars such as mature stretch marks or striae alba.

Commenting on the successful clinical and preclinical studies completed in the preceding 12 months, Robert Daniels, CEO of Elastagen noted “We are excited about the recent advancement in our synthetic human elastin products which continue to show significant potential in a range of dermatology and tissue repair applications. We look forward to further progressing our products towards regulatory approval.”


For further information please contact:
Robert Daniels, CEO
+61 (0)2 9209 4054


About Elastagen Pty Ltd:

Elastagen is a clinical stage medical device company that is pioneering Elastatherapy™ using the human protein Elastin to naturally repair and augment the skin. Skin elasticity deteriorates with age due to the progressive loss of the Elastin protein, one of the three key molecules associated with youthful skin. Two of these molecules, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Collagen, are already used in aesthetic dermatology, but the potential for Elastin has remained untapped and offers a novel direction in anti-ageing therapy. Elastagen has pioneered the scientific understanding of Elastin and the “elastagenesis” process. Elastagen is also the first company to have succeeded in the scaleable commercial GMP compliant manufacture of full length recombinant human Elastin for use in dermatology applications. The Company is currently conducting multiple clinical studies to evaluate the potential of its Elastin formulations to augment the skin and restore elasticity in both cosmetic and medical dermatology applications. Elastagen is located in Sydney, Australia, and is a venture backed private company. Investors include ATP Innovations, Brandon Capital and GBS Ventures. Further information on Elastagen can be found at